Moose Lake, Minnesota Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Moose Lake City Campground
  2. Red Fox Campground & RV Park
  3. Moose Lake State Park
  4. Barnum City Park
  5. Bear Lake Campground
  6. Timberline RV Resort
  7. Willow River Campground
  8. Hoffman's Oak Lake Campground
  9. Park Lake Resort
  10. Gafvert Campground
  11. Island Lake Campground
  12. Big Lake Shores and The Lounge
  13. Banning State Park
  14. Waldheim Resort
  15. Cloquet / Duluth KOA
  16. Jay Cooke State Park
  17. Spafford Park Campground
  18. Fond du Lac Campground and Boat Landing
  19. Buffalo Valley RV Park & Campground
  20. River Place Campground

Moose Lake, Minnesota

pop. 2,751

The first thing you will notice about Moose Lake is its unbridled use of the moose motif, in illustrated forms or, often, wooden depictions. Besides The Lazy Moose restaurant, with its hospitable attitude, and distinctive from scratch dishes, this small city has other eateries, some of which are chains (Perkins, Red Lobster, Subway) and others one of a kind.

The Moosehorn River runs through town and has a scenic bridge. At the time of the Campscout visit, the river was brimming. Moose Lake City Campground is here and offers unserviced and full-serviced sites. There is a Memorial Rest Area, one of the city parks, where the Moosehead Lake feeds into the river. Besides the ubiquitous moose images, there are some artistically capped lamp standards in town. There is a half pipe park (Earl Ellens), a flea market and a lot of shops. It's a cute city of 2,700, although possibly not quite as cute as it appears in the animated movie, Rio.

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