Fort Peck, Montana Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Downstream Campground
  2. West End Campground
  3. Duck Creek Campground
  4. Flat Lake Campground
  5. Bear Creek Campground
  6. The Pines Campground
  7. Cottonwood Inn and RV Park
  8. Shady Rest RV Park
  9. Hi-Line Terrace Mobile Home and RV Park
  10. Trails West Campground
  11. Rock Creek Campground
  12. McGuire Creek Campground
  13. Hell Creek State Park
  14. Nelson Creek Campground
  15. Rancho Campground
  16. Bone Trail Campground
  17. Kamp Katie
  18. Scheer's Trailer Court
  19. Cole Ponds Campground
  20. Smith's Mobile Park

Fort Peck, Montana

A few campgrounds are available on the north shore of Fort Peck Lake.

Fort Peck was named by army officers, Colonel Campbell Kennedy Peck and Commander E.H. Durfee, when it was established as a trading post and Indian agency in 1867 with a monopoly on the fur trade with the local native American nations. Even longer ago, the current town and lake were under water in a sub tropical climate, as evidenced by the abundance of fossils, studied at the University of Montana Paleontology Centre.

Building the dam involved workers who signed on during the Great Depression, desperate for food, shelter and useful work. The worker population peaked at 11,000 in 1936 and support businesses and shanty towns boomed, then later disappeared as work ran out. Such colourful elements of Fort Peck’s past are preserved in the museums, part of the rich local story of a fascinating part of America.

  • Fort Peck Museum, with displays of Indian artefacts and fossils
  • U.S. Government Fort Peck Dam Interpretive Centre
  • live theatre at Fort Peck theatre
  • historical buildings from boom times still standing
  • interpretive trail for Lewis and Clark journey
  • Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge
  • Fort Peck Reservoir offers fishing (walleye and others), hiking, hunting, camping, wildlife watching

Camping in Montana

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