Deer Lodge, Montana Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Deer Lodge KOA Kamp
  2. Indian Creek Campground
  3. Riverfront RV Park
  4. Orofino Campground
  5. Kading Campground
  6. Whitehouse Campground
  7. Lost Creek State Park
  8. Ladysmith Campground
  9. Mormon Creek Campground
  10. Racetrack Campground
  11. Big Sky RV Park
  12. Hunter's Trailer Court
  13. Basin Canyon Campground
  14. Lowland Campground
  15. Cromwell Dixon Campground
  16. Moose Creek Campground
  17. Merry Widow Health Mine
  18. Fairmont RV Park and Country Store
  19. Warm Springs Campground
  20. Spring Hill Campground

Deer Lodge, Montana

Campgronds and RV parks are located in Deer Lodge.

The second oldest community in Montana, Deer Lodge is still the site of one of the largest ranching operations in the US. Johnny Grant, of Scottish-French-Metis blood which in those days conferred an advantage, established his own ranch in 1862. He encouraged other settlers to follow since the pleasant climate and luxuriant supply of bunch grass prairie were ideal for raising cattle and horses. The success of the Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic site which now encompasses 1,500 acres, is testament to his high opinion of the area.

A natural phenomenon gave rise to the name Deer Lodge. Large deer herds were attracted to the natural salt lick which came from a geological feature called Warm Springs Mound. Other wildlife overwintered in the valley due to its sheltered location.

John Bozeman, the founder of Bozeman, MT, lived in Deer Lodge for a time. Another Deer Lodge resident was Edgar Samuel Paxson who was an American painter, along with a handful of other professions. His paintings of Native Americans in the Old West and, in particular, his rendition of the Battle of Little Bighorn made him famous. Conrad Kohrs was a Montana cattle rancher who purchased a ranch from Johnny Grant in the Deer Lodge area. At its peak, his ranch laid claim to 50,000 head of cattle spread across 10 million acres. A bad winter put an end to the operation at that size. The amalgamation of the two ranches resulted in the national historic site which is still a working ranch, courtesy of the National Park Service.

  • Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site
  • the Montana Prison Complex houses six different museums
  • Old Prison Museum (unused since 1979
  • Frontier Montana Museum
  • Montana Law Enforcement Museum
  • Powell County Museum
  • New Vintage Car and Transportation Museum
  • Deer Lodge National Forest
  • Arrow Stone Park
  • Browns Lake and Blackfoot Waterfowl Area
  • biking or hiking trails, such as Racetrack Peak, Circle Tour
  • fishing in nearby waters, such as Rock Creek, Lower and Middle Dolus Lakes

Camping in Montana

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