Shelby, Montana Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Lake Shel-oole Campground
  2. Horizon Trailer Park
  3. Lewis and Clark RV Park
  4. Williamson Park Campground
  5. Gary Smith Memorial
  6. Riverview RV Park
  7. Sunrise RV Trailer Park
  8. Pondera RV Park
  9. Sun Down RV Park
  10. Arod Lake Campground
  11. Lake Elwell (Tiber Reservoir) Campground
  12. Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park
  13. Gold Springs Park
  14. Meriwether Meadows Campground
  15. Under Eight Flags Campground
  16. Bynum Reservoir
  17. Eureka Reservoir
  18. Choteau RV Campground
  19. Choteau City Park and Campground
  20. Sleeping Wolf Campground and RV Park

Shelby, Montana

The city of Shelby, Montana, is famous for a piece of history from 1923 which involved a boxing match that was meant to make its name and reputation and attract builders and residents. A period of extensive preparation, punctuated by episodes of bad luck, bad business mistakes and hopes that were too high, ended in a reportedly excellent fight. Unfortunately, only a handful of fans witnessed it from their seats in the giant stadium which had been built for the purpose. Ultimately, the town received nothing but notoriety from the event.

A current population of about 3,300 lives in the city which is characterized mainly as an agricultural centre. A past history with the oil and gas sector has left an assortment of businesses which exist for well servicing and repair.

  • wildlife viewing
  • Sweet Grass Hills
  • Marias Museum of History and Art
  • Marias Valley Golf and Country Club

Camping in Montana

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