Bottineau, North Dakota Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Tommy Turtle Park
  2. Carbury Recreation Area
  3. Strawberry Lake Campground
  4. Hahns Bay Campground
  5. Pelican-Sandy Lake Campground
  6. Lake Metigoshe State Park
  7. Willow City Campground
  8. Log House Campground
  9. Upham City Park Campground
  10. International Peace Garden Campground
  11. Dion Lake
  12. Newburg City Park Campground
  13. Adam Lake Campground
  14. Waskada Park
  15. Deloraine Campground
  16. William Lake Provincial Park
  17. Westhope Trailer Court
  18. Westhope City Park Campground
  19. Hooker Lake Campground
  20. Lake Upsilon Campground

Bottineau, North Dakota

A number of campgrounds are available beside the lakes t the north of Bottineau.

Bottineau City in Bottineau County is in the northern part of the state which is known as the Four Seasons Playground, mainly because of the nearby Turtle Mountains. Recreational activities, combined with agriculture are the mainstays of the economy. Bottineau is a small city with a population of around 2,400.

Bottineau was named after a Metis frontiersman, Pierre Bottineau, who was also a hunter and trapper for the Hudson's Bay Company. He was very involved in the life and development of this region where he was born, serving as a guide for settlers, a land speculator and homesteader, and an interpreter and negotiator between the Native American tribes and the government. In addition, he and his wife, Genevieve, raised eight children.

The very visible roadside attraction, Tommy Turtle, is made of fibreglass, is 30 ft. tall and is likely a tribute to the nearby Turtle Mountains. The snowmobile on which Tommy is mounted testifies to the winter fun that can be enjoyed in Bottineau.

  • Roadside attraction: Tommy Turtle
  • Bottineau Winter Park
  • Lake Metigoshe State Park
  • Bottineau County Fair, oldest county fair in the state
  • Bottineau Country Club Golf Course
  • Turtle Mountain State Forest
  • International Peace Gardens, featuring flower clock, peace tower and bell tower
  • Turtle Mountain Scenic Byway

Camping in North Dakota

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