Bismarck, North Dakota Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park Campground
  2. Bismarck KOA Campground
  3. Hillcrest Acres Campground
  4. General Sibley Park
  5. Little Heart (Schmidt Bottoms)
  6. Kimball Bottoms Campground
  7. Graner Park (Sugarloaf Bottoms)
  8. A Prairie Breeze RV Park
  9. Fort Rice Recreation Area
  10. Sweetbriar Lake
  11. Hazelton Recreation Area Campground
  12. Wilton City Park Campground
  13. Fish Creek Dam
  14. Nelson Lake Campground
  15. Cross Ranch State Park
  16. North Park Campground - New Salem
  17. Center Park Campground
  18. Flasher Centennial Campground
  19. Hazelton City Park Campground
  20. Wing City Park Campground

Bismarck, North Dakota

A number of campgrounds and RV parks are available in the Bismarck area.

The desire to appeal to German investors was the reason behind the selection of the name Bismarck, after then-chancellor Otto von Bismarck. The engineer-in-chief for the Northern Pacific Railway, Edwin Ferry Johnson, was the source for the original name of Edwinton. Although the hoped-for German investors did not materialize, the gold strike in 1874 combined with the downturn in the fortunes of the NPR turned out to be very advantageous for the growth of the centre. The railroad ended at Bismarck, causing many settlers to remain there.

In the eight-year period between 2000 and 2008, the population of metropolitan Bismarck, the state capitol, grew by over 10,000. The state government is the largest employer, with two health care centres accounting for almost the same number of employees, around 4,300.

Bismarck has a large park system with many exercise trails. There are five golf courses, swimming pools and public docks for fishing on the nearby Missouri River. These can be enjoyed throughout the very warm summers. In 2007, during one of its typical cold winters, Bismarck exceeded the previous record for most snow angels made in one place, with a total of 8,962 participants. This achievement was registered in the Guinness Book of World Records and featured on a Saturday Night Live program, and received national coverage as well.

  • Dakota Zoo
  • Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park, historic site
  • Camp Hancock State Historic Site
  • Lewis and Clark Riverboat
  • Keelboat, Steamboat Parks
  • North Dakota Heritage Centre
  • Double Ditch Indian Village State Historic Site
  • North Dakota State Capitol Building
  • many churches
  • Bismarck Art and Galleries Association
  • Belle Mehus Auditorium, home of Bismarck Mandan Symphony
  • theatre companies

Camping in North Dakota

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