Rugby, North Dakota Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Davis Lake
  2. Rolette RV Park
  3. Willow City Campground
  4. Randy Marthe Memorial Park Campground
  5. Towner City Park Campground
  6. York City Park Campground
  7. Log House Campground
  8. Anamoose Campground
  9. Martin City Park Campground
  10. Leeds City Park Campground
  11. Drake City Park Campground
  12. Hooker Lake Campground
  13. City Park and Neameyer Field Campground
  14. Off Main RV Park
  15. West Side Park
  16. Dion Lake
  17. Gravel Lake
  18. Country Club Campground
  19. Tommy Turtle Park
  20. Lake Upsilon Campground

Rugby, North Dakota

This town, often referred to as the geographical centre of North America, is, in fact, about 15 miles from that location. Nevertheless, there is a monument to this unofficial designation in the town. In addition, this location is ideal for viewing the aurora borealis and to that end Rugby has built the Northern Lights Tower and Interpretive Centre, an 88 1/2 foot tall steel structure, completed in 2003. Outdoor enthusiasts will be attracted by the abundant wildlife, also enjoyed by hunters and fishermen. For the golf-mad, there is Rugby Country Club and Golf Course. And at Pioneer Village and Museum, there stands a mannequin wearing the suit of the tallest man in the world, Cliff Thompson, whose height is recorded at 8' 7. The Museum also houses a large taxidermy collection and a miniature replica of the Pillars of the Nation found at Sioux Falls.

  • Northern Lights Tower and Interpretive Centre
  • Pioneer Village and Museum
  • Rugby Country Club and Golf Course
  • monument to geographical centre of North America

Camping in North Dakota

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