Bay Bulls, Newfoundland Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Celtic Rendezvous by the Sea
  2. La Manche Provincial Park
  3. Butter Pot Provincial Park
  4. Crossroads Trailer Park
  5. Bluefin Trailer Park
  6. C.A. Pippy R.V. Park
  7. Gushue's Pond Park
  8. Riverside RV Park
  9. Crowhill RV Park
  10. Roaches Line RV Park
  11. Droghedea R.V. Park
  12. Marine Park
  13. Fox Farm Campgrounds
  14. Golden Arm Trailer Park
  15. Chance Cove Provincial Park
  16. Backside Pond RV Park
  17. Bishop's Field Family Camping
  18. Fitzgerald's Pond Park
  19. Northern Bay Sands Park
  20. New Perlican Trailer Park

Bay Bulls, Newfoundland

Bay Bulls is on the Avalon Peninsula, the most easterly projection of the rather ungainly land mass that forms the island of Newfoundland. The name may be a local variation on the French name Baie Bois which means Bay of the Woods or it may be derived from the local name used for the common dovekie, which is bull bird.

Bay Bulls is a harbour town of about 1200 inhabitants whose homes and businesses are scattered across the slopes leading down to the sea with roads criss-crossing the site. The town retains the trappings of its former economic mainstays of fishing and agriculture even though the downturn in the fishing industry has necessitated diversification. This is the case throughout Newfoundland; in Bay Bulls this change has been successful. Its current economic standing is maintained thanks to manufacturing, service industries and tourism.

The seaside location of Bay Bulls provides views of the picturesque lifestyle one commonly thinks of as being typical of Newfoundland, a bit backwoodsy perhaps but dependably colourful. It is one of the oldest communities, beginning with the French who were fishing there in the 1500s. However, the influence on the current speech, customs and mannerisms comes from the predominance of Irish and English settlers. Bay Bulls is an idea place to visit due to its proximity to St. John's and the other amenities of the Avalon Peninsula while maintaining the rustic flavour that is so irresistible.

  • whale-watching for sperm, humpback and other types
  • boat tours to see puffins, whales and other sea birds
  • ice berg watching in season
  • hiking tours
  • sea kayaking

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