Burgeo, Newfoundland Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Sandbanks Provincial Park
  2. Wishingwell Campground
  3. Crabbes River Park
  4. Barachois Pond Provincial Park
  5. Pirate's Haven
  6. Grand Codroy RV/Tent Camping Park
  7. J.T. Cheeseman Provincial Park
  8. Little Paradise RV Park
  9. Zenzville Campground & Recreation Park
  10. Deadman's Cove Park
  11. Piccadilly Head Regional Park
  12. Horsebrook Trailer Park
  13. George's Mountain Village RV Park
  14. Kinsmen Prince Edward Campground & RV Park
  15. Jipujij'Kuei Kuespem Park
  16. Mary March Wilderness Park
  17. Frenchman's Cove Provincial Park
  18. Blow Me Down Provincial Park
  19. Grand Lake Tourist Park
  20. Gateway to the North RV Park

Burgeo, Newfoundland

Campground facilities are available at Sandbanks Provincial Park.

This small hospitable fishing village located on the scenic south coast of Newfoundland island is home to a fierce bunch of inhabitants who oppose the changes that modern civilization has brought to their way of life. Farley Mowat, a Canadian author who spent six years in the area and elsewhere all over the province, writes about this theme.

Sandbanks Provincial Park has a shoreline of flat white sand beaches, counted among the best on the south part of the island. There are also hiking trails, forest and bog to explore. Look for birds, seals, caribou and shipwrecks. History indicates that the park land used to be settled, probably before the town itself, and that animals grazed there. The indigenous peoples in the area were Beothuck Indians and Dorset Eskimo, followed much later by Anglicans from England who wished to take advantage of the excellent fishing grounds.

Burgeo Museum features exhibits, artefacts and even ships from the fishing industry. The Ecological Reserve is a river delta and a stop for migrating birds.

  • Sandbanks Provincial Park
  • Burgeo Museum
  • King George IV Ecological Reserve

Camping in Newfoundland

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