Channel-Port Aux Basques, Newfoundland Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. J.T. Cheeseman Provincial Park
  2. Little Paradise RV Park
  3. Grand Codroy RV/Tent Camping Park
  4. Wishingwell Campground
  5. Crabbes River Park
  6. Pirate's Haven
  7. Sandbanks Provincial Park
  8. Piccadilly Head Regional Park
  9. Zenzville Campground & Recreation Park
  10. Jumping Mouse Eco-Camping
  11. Barachois Pond Provincial Park
  12. Meat Cove Camping
  13. Hideaway Campground Oyster Market
  14. Cape Breton Highlands NP - Broad Cove Campground
  15. Dino's Convenience & Camping
  16. Cape Breton Highlands NP - Big Intervale
  17. Cape Breton Highlands NP - Ingonish Beach Campground
  18. Cape Breton Highlands NP - MacIntosh Brook
  19. Fishing Cove Campground
  20. Cape Breton Highlands NP - Corney Brook Campground

Channel-Port Aux Basques, Newfoundland

Campgrounds and RV parks are available along the highway north of Channel-Port Aux Basques.

Channel-Port Aux Basques is handy from the mainland via a 6-hour ferry trip and is located on the south western tip of the island. The town name was given by the Basque fishermen in the 1500s, and this bit of history makes Channel one of the oldest settlements in Newfoundland.

About 20 minutes away is the St. Andrews Na Creige Golf Course, with panoramic views of the Long Range Mountains and Little Cordroy River.

Transportation, particularly the railway and the fishing industries have played and still do play a large part in the development of Channel-Port Aux Basques and both of these are featured at the Gulf Museum on Main Street.

The harbour is naturally ice-free which makes it a natural choice for ships and visitors from the mainland, as well as the local fishing vessels. Although the supply of fish is still rich and varied, fishermen have become less active recently, with a view to rebuilding the fish stocks for future generations.

  • shopping and night life at Scott's Cove Park
  • Rose Blanche Lighthouse
  • Grand Bay West Beach
  • Railway Heritage Centre
  • Gulf Museum
  • St. Andrews Na Creige Golf Course

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