Cape St. George, Newfoundland Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Piccadilly Head Regional Park
  2. Pirate's Haven
  3. Zenzville Campground & Recreation Park
  4. Crabbes River Park
  5. Wishingwell Campground
  6. Grand Codroy RV/Tent Camping Park
  7. Barachois Pond Provincial Park
  8. Little Paradise RV Park
  9. J.T. Cheeseman Provincial Park
  10. Blow Me Down Provincial Park
  11. Kinsmen Prince Edward Campground & RV Park
  12. George's Mountain Village RV Park
  13. Gros Morne National Park - Trout River
  14. The Water's Edge RV Park
  15. Lomond River Lodge Campground
  16. Sandbanks Provincial Park
  17. Gros Morne National Park - Lomond
  18. Gateway to the North RV Park
  19. Gros Morne / Norris Point KOA
  20. Gros Morne RV/Campground

Cape St. George, Newfoundland

This region of Newfoundland-Labrador was discovered in 1497 by the Italian adventurer, Giovanni Caboto. He noted the presence of the Mi'kmaq tribes and named this coastal region Cape Saint George. Later Captain James Cook corroborated the existence of that settlement which was called Kwesowaak in the Mi'kmaq language.

Despite these records, the best-known documents have led to the assumption that the French were the first to settle there, in defiance of a British law against permanent settlement. The presumed French occupation of the area led to the belief that any descendants would be Acadians. In 2006, a number of aboriginal people identified themselves as the founding people of the area. It has taken a while to straighten things out.

Cape St. George sits at the most westerly point of the Port au Port peninsula, with views of the Atlantic in all its moods. Although the presence of a gannet colony is disputed by the Canadian Wildlife Service, local fishermen vigourously insist on its existence which is especially noticeable when the herring or mackerel are in large supply.

  • varied scenery: ocean, secluded beaches, mountains, waterfalls
  • walking trails, some traditional, some recent, some cliffside
  • wildlife viewing, including a gannet colony
  • whale-watching, including Minke, fin whales and the occasional humpback
  • Ktaqmkuk Mi'kmaw Cultural Historical Museum on Main Street, St. George's
  • Our Lady of Mercy Museum at Port au Port West, adjoining the church

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