Anchor Point, Newfoundland Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Braya Seashore Hide-A-Way Trailer Park
  2. Pigeon Cove RV Park
  3. Northern Light Inn Campground
  4. Oceanview Motel RV Park
  5. Pinware River Provincial Park
  6. Harbour View RV Sites
  7. Sea Shore RV Park
  8. Oceanside Lions RV park
  9. Pistolet Bay Provincial Park
  10. Triple Falls RV Park
  11. River of Ponds Park
  12. Viking RV Park
  13. Mountain Waters Resort Park
  14. The Arches Provincial Park
  15. Gros Morne National Park - Shallow Bay Campground
  16. Sea Breeze RV Park and Campground
  17. Sop's Arm Park
  18. River Sea RV Park
  19. Eastern Arm Island RV Park
  20. Flatwater Pond Park

Anchor Point, Newfoundland

There is an RV park close to the Ste. Barbe ferry terminal near Anchor Point.

The entry sign for Anchor Point declares it to be the first English settlement on Viking Trail and there were some skirmishes between the English and the French which threatened to change that designation. The ongoing battle continued with the English prevailing, until the ending of French fishing rights in 1904 signalled a secure victory.

Anchor Point is a small coastal community slightly north of the Ste. Barbe Ferry Terminal which is destined for southern Labrador. Anchor Point is on the Viking Trail, a fascinating route which culminates in the ancient Viking settlement at L'Anse-aux-Meadows. The centre has suffered as the decline of the codfish population and the industry based on it took its toll on the local economy. Nevertheless, several new housing developments have once more boosted the economy, as well as lobster, shrimp and scallop fishing thriving on a smaller scale.

First settled in 1740 by Robert Bartlett and his nephew Robert Genge from Somerset, England, the area was used as a fishing and fur hunting base. Robert's brother, Adam, joined with him and the two men sold fish and furs to American vessels. Throughout the 19th century, salmon fishing, sealing and trapping were the mainstays of the economy. Later the excellent pasture land potential was noticed. Anchor Point is one of the rare locations on the island with the requisite conditions to support agriculture.

  • cross-country ski trails throughout area, nearest hub being Deep Cove Ski Club
  • on Viking Trail tourist route
  • picturesque area with many villages, most of whose names end in cove, along the west coast of the Northern Peninsula
  • Deep Cove Winter Housing Site, a site of national historic significance
  • 20-minute easy hiking trail between current town of Anchor Point and their old wintering area

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