Placentia, Newfoundland Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Argentia Sunset Park
  2. Fitzgerald's Pond Park
  3. Gannet's Nest Restaurant & RV Park
  4. Bellevue Beach Campground
  5. Gushue's Pond Park
  6. Golden Arm Trailer Park
  7. Droghedea R.V. Park
  8. Jack's Pond Park
  9. Backside Pond RV Park
  10. Roaches Line RV Park
  11. Crowhill RV Park
  12. Bishop's Field Family Camping
  13. Bluefin Trailer Park
  14. Riverside RV Park
  15. Butter Pot Provincial Park
  16. Fox Farm Campgrounds
  17. La Manche Provincial Park
  18. Celtic Rendezvous by the Sea
  19. New Perlican Trailer Park
  20. Crossroads Trailer Park

Placentia, Newfoundland

There is an RV park near the ferry terminal in nearby Argentia.

Wealth in the natural setting of Placentia, with its sheltered bay made it a sought-after location for Basque fishermen and European explorers. The Basques called the harbour a womb of hills. The ongoing battle between France and England for fishing supremacy which is reflected all over the island continued here as well. The triumph of the French in 1662, resulted in the name Plaisance meaning pleasant place.

In 1713, with the Treaty of Utrecht, the area was awarded to Britain and this lasting changeover initiated a boom era for trade and transportation. British King William IV appeared to enjoy summer visits to this place which he described as a more decent settlement than any we have yet seen in Newfoundland. During this era, an influx of Irish immigrants descended and eventually composed about half the colony's population. Their presence fluctuated with the rise and fall of the fishing industry but settled out to a high percentage.

The disappearance of the naval and air base in 1994 at neighbouring Argentia also signalled an economic downturn. Then the end of the cod-fishing industry had a bad effect on the economy of Placentia but recent developments by Inco are beginning to provide stability. The natural and contrived beauties of the area will, it is to be hoped, help tourism to become a significant factor as well.

  • Castle Hill National Historic Site
  • walking trails
  • Placentia Courthouse
  • St. Luke's Anglican Church and Cemetery with Basque tombstones
  • tiny fishing villages along the coast
  • O'Reilly House Museum
  • Ambrose Shea Bridge, a lift bridge connecting the amalgamated town of Placentia with its other sections, Jerseyside, Townside, Freshwater and Dunville
  • summer stock theatre troupe, Placentia Area Theatre d'heritage
  • recently opened (2009) Cultural Arts Centre
  • ferry terminal, with Argentia, for trips to Nova Scotia and elsewhere on the island
  • archaeological site, Placentia Uncovered, revealing life from the 1600s and other sites with late 19th century architecture

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