Argentia, Newfoundland Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Argentia Sunset Park
  2. Fitzgerald's Pond Park
  3. Bellevue Beach Campground
  4. Gannet's Nest Restaurant & RV Park
  5. Jack's Pond Park
  6. Golden Arm Trailer Park
  7. Gushue's Pond Park
  8. Droghedea R.V. Park
  9. Backside Pond RV Park
  10. Roaches Line RV Park
  11. Bishop's Field Family Camping
  12. Crowhill RV Park
  13. Riverside RV Park
  14. Bluefin Trailer Park
  15. Fox Farm Campgrounds
  16. Butter Pot Provincial Park
  17. New Perlican Trailer Park
  18. La Manche Provincial Park
  19. Outside Pond RV Park
  20. Crossroads Trailer Park

Argentia, Newfoundland

There is an RV park near the ferry terminal in Argentia.

Argentia was a US Navy base and air station which began operation during WWII and continued into the mid-nineties. Co-operation in its building between the Newfoundland government in what was then the Dominion of Newfoundland and the US Navy resulted in the displacement of over 400 families.

Shortly after its establishment, a war strategies meeting between the US and Britain took place, resulting in a joint declaration which formed the basis of the post-war Atlantic Charter. Over the years, living quarters, a dry dock and ship repair facilities were added. The base became an important node during the Cold War, because of its position which enabled it to detect Soviet submarines.

Following decommissioning of the base in 1973, the land was transferred to the Canadian government for development. The runways of the old air field were used by the Royal Canadian Air Cadets for programs and exercises. The end of this colourful history came in 1994 when the US Navy presence pulled out completely.

The present day remains of the past are not open to the public and all visitor facilities are in the nearby centre Placentia.

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