Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Staub Trailer & RV Park
  2. Cielo Vista RV Park
  3. Center Court RV
  4. RJ RV Park
  5. Elephant Butte Lake RV Resort
  6. Shady Corner RV Park
  7. Elephant Butte Lake State Park
  8. Rio Lago RV Park
  9. Cedar Cove RV Park
  10. Lakeview RV Park
  11. Lil Abner's
  12. Caballo Lake State Park
  13. Arrey RV Park
  14. Percha Dam State Park
  15. Hillsboro RV Park
  16. Luna Park Campground
  17. Kingston Campground
  18. Springtime Campground
  19. Iron Creek Campground
  20. Railroad Canyon Campground

Truth of Consequences, NM

Truth or Consequences is a small city with many ups and downs, some homes perched on cliffs, some simply in the hills. There are flat areas as well although the valley is fairly narrow here. In general, the buildings in town are old.

It is well-known that the town name was Hot Springs until an episode of the show, Truth or Consequences, offered to do a live show on any place that would change its name to the name of the show. So the challenge was accepted and the name was changed. A poll is taken regularly to assure that the citizens of T or C are still pleased with the name!

Although it is small, the town has at least 5 RV parks most of which do not offer tent camping sites (one does). South of T or C, along the I-25 are more RV parks, adjacent to the Caballo Reservoir. These generally have tenting sites available and the reservoir offers recreational opportunities.

Camping in New Mexico

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