Silver City, New Mexico Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Silver City RV Park & Cabins
  2. Rose Valley RV Ranch
  3. Manzano’s RV Park
  4. Silver City KOA
  5. Cherry Creek Campground
  6. McMillan Campground
  7. Ridgepark RV Park
  8. Mesa Campground
  9. Mountain Spirits RV Park
  10. City of Rocks State Park
  11. Faywood Hot Springs Resort
  12. Lower Gallinas Campground
  13. Rocky Canyon Campground
  14. Upper Gallinas Campground
  15. Temperate Zone RV Ranch Community
  16. Railroad Canyon Campground
  17. Grapevine Campground
  18. Forks Campground
  19. Iron Creek Campground
  20. Upper End Campground

Silver City, NM

Silver City is another New Mexican city with colorful buildings and many touristy features, along with an artsy district, whose displays are well-marked by a large red circle that says Art. As elsewhere, the buildings are old but well-preserved and probably kept for their uniqueness and historical value. Nearer to the highway, there are more modern businesses, but the heart of the city is closer to the way it used to be.

Although a small city with a population of a little over 10,000, Silver City nevertheless supports at least 4 RV parks close to its center, one of which is a medium-sized KOA. Two national forest parks are a short distance north in the Lake Roberts area. City of Rocks State Park with its campground is another attraction well-worth a visit.

Camping in New Mexico

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