Las Cruces, New Mexico Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Sunny Acres RV Park
  2. Hacienda RV & Rally Resort
  3. Siesta RV Park
  4. The Coachlight Inn & RV Park
  5. Las Cruces KOA
  6. Leasburg Dam State Park
  7. Western Sky's RV Park
  8. El Paso West RV Park
  9. Percha Dam State Park
  10. Rockhound State Park
  11. Arrey RV Park
  12. Hueco Tanks State Park
  13. Caballo Lake State Park
  14. Lil Abner's
  15. Lakeview RV Park
  16. Dream Catcher RV Park
  17. Little Vineyard RV Park
  18. A Deming Roadrunner RV Park
  19. Wagon Wheel RV Park
  20. Sunrise RV Trailer Park

Las Cruces, NM

The Mesilla Valley in which the city of Las Cruces lies is bordered by the Organ Mountains. Organ Mountains Desert Peaks Monument was established in 2014 and White Sands National Monument is also nearby. The Rio Grande meanders through the valley and its presence has made the valley fertile. The intersection of the Interstate highways is auspicious for bringing visitors into town.

The local KOA has a beautiful view of the city from a high cliff. At night, the city lights up in a way that is especially colorful, with a larger proportion of red and colored lights providing a Christmasy look, instead of the usual white glare of street lights. There is year round golf and world class Mexican food to be had here.

Enjoy the diversions you prefer while staying at one of the 10 RV parks and campgrounds in the area, of which 7 are quite close to this city of over 101,000 people.

Camping in New Mexico

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