Coos Bay, Oregon Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Lucky Loggers RV Park
  2. Arbe's RV Park
  3. Alder Acres RV Park
  4. Mill Casino Hotel & RV Park
  5. Kelly's RV Park
  6. Midway RV Park
  7. Driftwood RV Park
  8. Plainview Motel & RV Park
  9. Hauser Sand Camping Access Campground
  10. Box Car Hill Campground
  11. Horsfall OHV Campground
  12. Charleston Marina RV Park
  13. Bluebill Campground
  14. Wild Mare Horse Camp
  15. Horsfall Sand Camping Access Campground
  16. Bastendorff Beach County Park
  17. Oceanside RV Park - Charleston
  18. Sunset Bay State Park
  19. Oregon Dunes KOA
  20. Riley Ranch County Park

Coos Bay, Oregon

RV parks are available in Coos Bay.

Although the site of present-day Coos Bay was settled in 1853, the isolation enforced by its location between the Coast Range Mountains and the Pacific Ocean made development difficult. Then in 1916, the coming of the railroad changed the city's fortunes, as has happened in so many cities in the United States. The decade following the railroad's arrival saw significant growth which was followed by large-scale growth in later years until the population reached its present figure of around 16,000 which, when combined with its neighbour city, North Bend, gives it the largest population on the Oregon coast.

Coos Bay, North Bend and Charleston form Oregon's Bay Area. A natural harbour, the largest between Seattle and San Francisco, has helped Coos Bay become a major shipping and manufacturing centre. There is good sports fishing in the area as well.

Steve Prefontaine, a track athlete of middle and long-distance racing, hailed from Coos Bay. He was instrumental in inspiring the running boom which occurred in the 1970s, along with two other athletes. His drive to win and his ability to endure pain overtook the handicap of having one leg shorter than the other. He always ran to win.

  • Gold and Silver Falls State Park, 25 miles northeast
  • Sunset Bay State Park,/li>
  • Shore Acres State Park
  • Cape Arago State Park
  • these three parks are joined by a cliffside hiking trail
  • 31 parks in Coos County
  • warm water activities such as surfing, diving and boating
  • whale-watching
  • tide pool observation
  • salt-water fishing
  • annual two-week Oregon Coast Music Festival
  • Coos Art Museum
  • MyrtlewWood Factory tours
  • 3 golf courses
  • Prefontaine Memorial Run, 3rd Saturday in September, held annually

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