Salem, Oregon Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Salem Campground & RV'S
  2. Phoenix RV Park
  3. Salem Premier RV Resort
  4. Salem RV Park
  5. Silver Spur RV Park
  6. Portland-Woodburn RV Park
  7. Mulkey RV Park
  8. Evergreen Mobile Home Park
  9. Silver Falls State Park
  10. Champoeg State Heritage Area
  11. Champoeg State Park
  12. Albany/Corvallis KOA
  13. Riverside RV Park
  14. Gills Landing River Park
  15. Fishermen's Bend Recreation Site
  16. Pheasant Ridge Recreational Vehicle Resort
  17. Mallard Creek Golf Course & RV Resort
  18. Waterloo County Park
  19. Fan Creek Campground
  20. Dovre Campground

Salem, Oregon

The beautiful capital building and grounds of Salem are well worth a visit. Gardens are really lovely here as the Mediterranean climate keep things well-watered, and the ocean influence keeps the temperature above freezing. The magnolia trees here grow well and are always a pleasure to behold.

The city is in the Willamette Valley, spread across two counties. Driving around, you will notice that it is quite stretched out such that at times, it can be hard to tell if you're in a suburb or in the city proper. Approaching the city, you will see beautiful views, the countryside sloping down with the valley and being covered with trees.

The Willamette Valley is a prime agricultural area with rich alluvial soils deposited by the river. Vinyards are here as well as food crops. This fertility was a big draw during Oregon's early settlement.

There are three RV parks near the city, and Silver Falls State Park is about 30 miles north and east.

Camping in Oregon

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