Pendleton, Oregon Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Pendleton KOA
  2. The Lookout RV Park & Storage
  3. Wild Horse Resort & Casino
  4. Centreville RV Park
  5. Emigrant Springs State Park
  6. Trails West RV Park
  7. Harris Park-Gene Palmer Campground
  8. Spring Creek Campground-Wallowa
  9. Frog Heaven Campground
  10. Lane Creek Campground
  11. Bear Wallow Campground
  12. Red Bridge State Wayside
  13. Bird Track Springs Campground
  14. Four Corners Campground
  15. Blue Valley RV Park
  16. Hilgard Junction State Recreation Area
  17. Target Meadows Campground
  18. Frazier Campground-Umatilla
  19. Woodland Campground
  20. Spool Cart Campground

Pendleton, Oregon

The hills that were formed long ago by volcanic flows and seismic uplifts are part of the city's landscape and the residential areas are largely set in these hills, giving rise to a pleasant vista as you approach Pendleton.

There are several large factories in town. Among them is the famous Pendleton Woolen Mills which has historically been a major employer of the townsfolk and is still a lively industry. The products are sold elsewhere in the state and have a reputation for quality. Free tours are offered to the public, showing the process from raw wool to finished product.

Washington-born Dale Chihuly, an artist in glass blowing, has commemorated some of the blanket designs by incorporating strands of the blankets into his work. He has been doing this since the 1960s and blankets are now designed to be included in his exquisite pieces. This is a wonderful collaboration between a gifted artist and a long time and well-known craft industry.

Familiar chain stores and restaurants are not part of the downtown core but are largely located on the southern edge. The downtown which is also quite hilly is full of small stores, restaurants and services, most of them quite old and appealing and could provide an afternoon's or evening's entertainment for you. It does not bustle; rather, it is quite slow and soothing in Pendleton.

Apparently, times past were different. Another tour is offered in which the criminal days of Pendleton are described and its underground tunnels explored. These housed opium dens, gambling establishments and bordellos. They are made of basalt since successive volcanic flows formed the Columbia Plateau where Pendleton is located.

There is a selection of campgrounds, one of which is at the casino where there are spacious sites. The KOA is pleasant and well-kept and offers a view of the Umatilla River Valley. Emigrant Springs State Park is within 25 miles of the city and is in a beautiful forest.

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