Cascade Locks, Oregon Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Port of Cascade Locks Campground
  2. Bridge of the Gods Motel RV Park
  3. Cascade Locks/Portland East KOA
  4. Eagle Creek Campground
  5. Herman Creek
  6. Wyeth Campground - Columbia River Gorge NSA
  7. Beacon Rock State Park
  8. Rainy Lake Campground
  9. Black Lake Campground
  10. Ainsworth State Park
  11. Panther Creek Campground
  12. Viento State Park
  13. Lost Lake Campground
  14. Beaver Campground and Group Area
  15. Moss Creek Campground
  16. Government Mineral Springs Campground
  17. Kinnikinnick Campground
  18. Toll Bridge Park
  19. Paradise Creek Campground
  20. McNeil Campground

Cascade Locks

The Locks are the jewel of the town and are suitably picturesque, ranged along the Columbia River, with beautiful grounds nearby, all of it parcelled into the Port of Cascade Locks Marine Park. It is well worth a visit to see the campground, historical museum, cafe and visitor centre with the surprise of a brewery at the far end. Thunder Island Brewery has a patio and offers snacks along with its brews and is within short walking distance of the campground. Sternwheeler cruises can be booked here too.

In addition to the Locks campground, fairly small but having the attractions of proximity to the river and RV hook-ups, you can stay at a couple national forest campgrounds. There is also a KOA between Cascade Locks and Portland for those who enjoy camping with convenience. Beacon Rock State Park is about 8 miles west of the town and offers a small number of serviced sites.

The Bridge of the Gods is in Oregon, the other is in Washington. The manmade structure is in the same site as a natural bridge created by a lava flow between 1100 and 1250 A.D. which collapsed around 1690. Its name is the result of a Native American legend which also gave rise to the native names for the mountains of this region. These are Rainier, Adams and, of course, Mount Hood.

The town is touristy but not plugged with a lot of new businesses. The eateries are varied. All in all, it's a comfortable place to visit.

Camping in Oregon

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