Government Camp, Oregon Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Still Creek Campground
  2. Trillium Lake Campground
  3. Alpine Campground
  4. Devil's Half Acre Campground
  5. Camp Creek Campground
  6. Grindstone Campground
  7. Frog Lake Campground
  8. Lost Creek Campground
  9. Tollgate Campground
  10. McNeil Campground
  11. Barlow Creek Campground
  12. Cloud Cap Saddle Campground
  13. Tilly Jane Campground
  14. Camp Windy Campground
  15. Bonney Meadow Campground
  16. Clear Lake Campground
  17. Green Canyon Campground
  18. Barlow Crossing Campground
  19. Badger Lake Campground
  20. Boulder Lake Campground

Government Camp, Oregon

Due to its proximity to Mount Hood, Government Camp is designated as an alpine town, even though it lacks the typical altitude. It does, however, have its complement of ski resorts, chalets, shops and restaurants to support the skiers.

Camping in the vicinity of Government Camp is in unserviced national forest campgrounds. Most of them lie southeast of the town in the area of the popular and iconic Mount Hood.

The Lodge at Government Camp is in town and is central in importance and location, having a general store and liquor store as well as the lodgings, along with rental units. It is picturesque and popular, especially during ski season. There is also a Cultural Center and Museum housed in a lovely building. It consists of six galleries and a growing collection of historical artefacts important to the Mount Hood region.

Camping in Oregon

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