Goodsoil, Saskatchewan Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Big Island Cove Resort
  2. Murray Doell Campground
  3. Mistohay Lake Campground
  4. Northern Cross Resort
  5. Matheson Lake Campground
  6. Vivian Lake Campground
  7. Kimball Lake Campground
  8. Sandy Beach Campground
  9. Greig Lake Campground
  10. Hirtz Lake Campground
  11. Pagan Lake Campground
  12. Little Jumbo Campground/Jumbo Beach Campground
  13. Stabler Point Campground
  14. Cold River Campground
  15. Meewasin Beach Campground
  16. Waterhen Lake South Campground
  17. Tawaw Cabins 2004 Ltd.
  18. M and N Resort
  19. Flotten Lake Resort
  20. Flotten Lake South Campground

Goodsoil, Saskatchewan

Camping facilities are available near to Goodsoil in Meadow Lake Provincial Park.

The village of Goodsoil is the central gateway to Meadow Lake Provincial Park, a 1600-km park with 25 lakes, and a variety of facilities and services for those passing through. The village mascot, Goodsoil Gus, is a wood carved lumberjack stretching to 6.1 m (20 ft.) tall. Erna's Dollhouse, featuring over 1000 dolls and other crafts as well is housed in a charming cottage and open to visitors. To celebrate the bountiful harvest of wild blueberries, Goodsoil residents gather each August for the Blueberry Festival, kicked off by a pancake breakfast. The entire festival is meant to be experienced with a loosened belt!

Camping in Saskatchewan

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