Val Marie, Saskatchewan Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Village of Val Marie Campground
  2. The Crossing Resort
  3. Grasslands National Park-Frenchman Valley Campground
  4. Climax Campground
  5. Mankota Campground
  6. Cadillac Campground
  7. Notukeu Regional Park
  8. Frontier Campground
  9. Covered Wagon Campground and Trailer Park
  10. Shawnee Campground
  11. Mitchell Park
  12. Cole Ponds Campground
  13. Lac Pelletier Regional Park
  14. Nelson Reservoir Campground
  15. Pine Cree Regional Park
  16. Town of Eastend Park & Campground
  17. Riverside Motel Guest House & RV Camping Ltd.
  18. Grasslands National Park-Rock Creek Campground
  19. Wood Mountain Regional Park
  20. Trafton Park Campground
Val Marie, SK

The Visitor Centre for Grasslands National Park is in Val Marie but apart from this, it is very small place. But the visitor centre is very nice and the staff are enthusiastic about the park which is understandable. A program is still ongoing to introduce the black-footed ferret and another is making some headway in encouraging the fragile population of burrowing owls. But the prairie dog town, also a product of an ecological restoration effort, has borne fruit and the whiskery residents cohabit with a plains bison herd. In the National Park campground, little Richardson's ground squirrels are making headway undermining the manmade structures that are above their tunnel system. There is also a town campground in Val Marie and another attractive commercially operated campground just south of town.

Camping in Saskatchewan

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