Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Hudson Bay Regional Park
  2. Ruby Lake Campground
  3. Hudson Bay Wildlife Federation Campground
  4. Parr Hill Lake Campground
  5. Isbister Lake Campground
  6. Townsend Lake Campground
  7. Spirit Lake Campground
  8. Porcupine Plain Town Campsite
  9. Smallfish Lake Campground
  10. North Steeprock Lake Provincial Park
  11. Whitefish Lake Provincial Park
  12. Greenwater Lake RV Park
  13. Bell Lake Provincial Park
  14. Greenwater Lake Provincial Park
  15. Pasquia Regional Park
  16. Marean Lake Resort
  17. Carrot River Overnite Park
  18. Sturgis and District Regional Park - Lady Lake Site
  19. Preeceville Wildlife Campground
  20. Sturgis and District Regional Park

Hudson Bay, SK

A couple of rivers meet by this town, including the Red Deer River. A Regional Park campground is just south of town and there are several sites with views over Red Deer River.

It seems worth noting that there are two hardware stores in town and a few restaurants that serve breakfast. A decent breakfast restaurant can be hard to find on the road. The more popular one was crowded with many locals. Some homes are old and others have been upgraded. The roads are paved which is a pleasant surprise and not always thecase in the small towns of Saskatchewan.

Camping in Saskatchewan

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