Wolseley, Saskatchewan Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Sleepy Hollow Campground
  2. Grenfell Recreational Park
  3. Kemoca Regional Park
  4. Glenavon Lions Park Campground
  5. Indian Head Campground
  6. Creekside Gardens Campground
  7. Crooked Lake Provincial Park
  8. Sunglow Campground
  9. Windthorst Campground
  10. Fort Qu'Appelle Campground
  11. Braeburn Inn and RV Park
  12. Kipling and District Campground
  13. Echo Valley Provincial Park
  14. Fillmore Community Campground
  15. Creelman Park
  16. Melville Regional Park
  17. Oyama Regional Park
  18. Whitewood Campground
  19. Quest Motel / Stop and Go RV Park
  20. Comfort Plus Campground

Wolseley, SK

This place has an air of charm and prosperity, assisted by the fact that all the lawns seem to have been mowed and gardens all planted. Designated as one of Canada's ten prettiest communities in 2000, Wolseley appears to have kept up appearances ever since. A swinging bridge is mentioned on a few signs and it is a lovely sight, arching over a pretty lake. There is also a fountain.

Most buildings probably date from the 1950s to '60s and have been modified but there are some newer styles, especially among the homes. Preservation and enjoyment of the historic and heritage buildings is a priority. These include Canada's first Beaver Lumber business and the town house/opera house.

Gentle slopes, mature varied trees and paved streets (uncommon in Saskatchewan small towns) make this town a pleasure to visit. An attractive well-treed campground called Sleepy Hollow is in town.

Camping in Saskatchewan

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