Kindersley, Saskatchewan Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Dillberry Lake Provincial Park
  2. Suffern Lake Regional Park
  3. McLaren Lake Regional Park
  4. Capt. Ayre Lake and Resort
  5. Antelope Lake Regional Park
  6. Tomahawk Park
  7. Outlook & District Regional Park
  8. Blood Indian Park
  9. Prairie Lake Regional Park
  10. Eagle Creek Regional Park
  11. Herbert Ferry Regional Park
  12. Glenburn Regional Park
  13. Battleford Eiling Kramer Campground
  14. King's Park Campground
  15. Atton's Lake Regional Park
  16. Suffern Lake Regional Park - Manitou Lake
  17. David Laird Campground
  18. Neilburg RV Park
  19. Kilton Hill Campground
  20. Shady Place Campground

Kindersley, SK

Kindersley features some beautifully-executed murals on the walls of the public buildings. This is done in many a small town in the US and Canada, but the effect here is very favourable and the artwork is a pleasure to behold. The subject is historical and natural--prairie scenes and animal groupings. The homes here are pretty as well.

Kindersley Regional Park, located in town, provides camping and has a golf course which is accessible to campers from Golfview Mobile Acres as well.

Camping in Saskatchewan

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