Burstall, Saskatchewan Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Sandy Point Park
  2. Village Trailer Court
  3. Peter Fidler Park
  4. Leader Lions Park Campground
  5. Leader Mini-Storage & Campground
  6. McLaren Lake Regional Park
  7. Leaning Tree Guest Ranch and Campground
  8. Sceptre Trailer Court
  9. Acadia Valley Municipal Dam
  10. Acadia Valley Ball Park and Campground
  11. Lemsford Ferry Regional Park
  12. Eatonia Oasis Campground
  13. Eagle Valley Park Campground and Cottage Rental
  14. Alberta RCMP Centennial Park
  15. Eston Riverside Regional Park
  16. Willow Bend Campground & Cabins
  17. Cavan Lake Recreational Campground
  18. Cottonwood Coulee Golf and RV Park
  19. Ross Creek RV Park
  20. Gas City Campground

Burstall, Saskatchewan

The nearest campground to Burstall is at Sandy Point Park in Alberta. There is also a campground in Leader Saskatchewan.

Just east of the Saskatchewan-Alberta border on highway 321, is the town of Burstall, whose success is derived largely from the gas industry, with 5 large plants within 10 minutes of the town. Wheat and cattle farming are the other main industries. The Great Sandhills and Sandy Point Park play host to a wide variety of wildlife, such as moose, Richardson ground squirrel, prairie rattler, antelope, coyote and many more. Summer Slam is the end-of-June slo-pitch tournament and features nightly concerts and daily beer garden with games and karaoke, the proceeds of which fund the many recreational outlets in this small town. There is a pipeline suspension bridge to view as well as the gas field equipment so prevalent in the area. And the cactus sculpture, built for Burstall's 75th anniversary, highlights the importance of both the gas industry and the native prairie pastures in the town's past, present and future.

  • Great Sandhills, wildlife viewing
  • Sandy Point Park
  • Summer Slam slo-pitch tournament
  • gas pipeline suspension bridge
  • gas field equipment displays
  • cactus sculpture

Camping in Saskatchewan

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