Kenaston, Saskatchewan Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Boddington Springs Campground
  2. Blackstrap Provincial Park - Kevin Misfeldt
  3. Blackstrap Provincial Park-Hazelnut Grove Campground
  4. Davidson Campground
  5. Danielson Provincial Park
  6. Elbow Sunset Suites and RV Park Ltd.
  7. Tufts Bay Campground
  8. Lakeside RV Park
  9. Coldwell Recreational Site
  10. Douglas Provincial Park
  11. Outlook & District Regional Park
  12. Pike Lake Provincial Park
  13. Painted Rock Campground
  14. Craik and District Regional Park
  15. Manitou and District Regional Park
  16. Hitchcock's Hideaway
  17. Travel-Inn Resort & Campground
  18. Gordon Howe Campground
  19. Resort Village of Etters Beach Campground
  20. Last Mountain Regional Park

Kenaston, Saskatchewan

There is a campground right in the town of Kenaston.

As befits Kenaston's status as blizzard capital of Saskatchewan, their roadside attraction is a giant snowman. A cluster of grain elevators, known locally as the Prairie Sentinels, stands close by. The town was originally named Bonnington but was changed to Kenaston in 1905, when Saskatchewan became a province, in homage to F.E. Kenaston, VP of the Saskatchewan Valley Land Company. The name Bonnington lives on in the local campground and the Bonnington Springs Walking Trail. Kenaston was settled as part of a strenuous advertising campaign which attracted settlers to the area between Regina and Saskatoon between the years 1902 and 1910.

  • Roadside attraction: giant snowman, 5.5 m (18 ft.)
  • Kenaston Recreation Site, a conservation area
  • nearby provincial parks, Danielson and Blackstrap
  • Bonnington Springs Walking Trail
  • Snowman Park

Camping in Saskatchewan

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