Davidson, Saskatchewan Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Davidson Campground
  2. Craik and District Regional Park
  3. Boddington Springs Campground
  4. Douglas Provincial Park
  5. Elbow Sunset Suites and RV Park Ltd.
  6. Lakeside RV Park
  7. Tufts Bay Campground
  8. Resort Village of Etters Beach Campground
  9. Centennial Park Campground
  10. Last Mountain Regional Park
  11. Danielson Provincial Park
  12. Blackstrap Provincial Park - Kevin Misfeldt
  13. Manitou and District Regional Park
  14. Rowan's Ravine Provincial Park
  15. Blackstrap Provincial Park-Hazelnut Grove Campground
  16. Hitchcock's Hideaway
  17. Coldwell Recreational Site
  18. Riverhurst Campground
  19. Nokomis Campground
  20. Outlook & District Regional Park

Davidson, Saskatchewan

There is a campground in Davidson operated by the town.

This beautiful town of under a thousand lies about halfway between Saskatoon to the northwest and Regina to the southeast, along highway 11. Its inhabitants are rightfully proud of their civic projects, such as a centennial walking trail, town landscaping and plantings, school garden club, commemorative trees and homecoming banners, along with several ecological projects. The rest stop area features a giant coffee pot and mug as well as an iron sculpture of a Métis fiddler, in keeping with the history of this part of the province around highway 11 which is also known as the Métis Trail. Recreational opportunities, such as water sports and fishing, centre around Lake Diefenbaker. The Last Mountain Lake Bird Sanctuary was designated in 1987 as a National Wildlife Area as well as being a Wetland of International Importance, of which there are 700 locations worldwide. The specific habitats around the lake offer shelter for 9 of Canada's 36 endangered bird species as well as rare plants. The north end of the lake provides a refuelling stop for northbound migrants.

  • Roadside attraction: Giant coffee pot and mug
  • Métis fiddler iron sculpture
  • Lake Diefenbaker
  • Last Mountain Lake Bird Sanctuary
  • 9-hole golf course

Camping in Saskatchewan

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