Neilburg, Saskatchewan Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Neilburg RV Park
  2. Suffern Lake Regional Park - Manitou Lake
  3. Suffern Lake Regional Park
  4. Half-Way Rest Area and Campground
  5. King's Park Campground
  6. Dillberry Lake Provincial Park
  7. Tomahawk Park
  8. Three Cities Regional Rec Park
  9. Silver Lake Regional Park
  10. Atton's Lake Regional Park
  11. Unity and District Regional Park
  12. Greenhead Motel and RV Park
  13. Weaver Park Campground
  14. Edgerton Sand Castle Campground
  15. Rolling Green Fairways
  16. Hurstbourne SD #3647
  17. Macklin Lake Regional Park
  18. Camp'N RV
  19. Arm Lake Recreation Area
  20. Bannister Campground

Neilburg, Saskatchewan

There is a RV park in Neilburg.

  • crop circles discovered in 1999
  • Manitou Pioneers Museum
  • Manitou Lake with recreation area
  • yearly CMRO Mud Races, held in July

In 1999, crop circles were discovered in a farmer's field near Neilburg. Since then, other Saskatchewan locations have been found, in a higher concentration than any other Canadian province. This phenomenon had given rise to the Canadian Crop Circle Research Network.

The village of Neilburg is home to a visitation of the Canadian Mud Racers' Organization event in July. For followers of this sport, there is a tour of Alberta and Saskatchewan towns in the summer months. It is a two-day event and visitors can seek accommodation at the local hotel or campground/RV park.

The oil and gas industry accounts for the bulk of business in Neilburg, followed by agriculture. Many of the village's 500 inhabitants find employment in these sectors. The name comes from the first postmaster, Clifford O'Neill.

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