Eastend, Saskatchewan Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Riverside Motel Guest House & RV Camping Ltd.
  2. Town of Eastend Park & Campground
  3. Pine Cree Regional Park
  4. Shawnee Campground
  5. Covered Wagon Campground and Trailer Park
  6. Frontier Campground
  7. Climax Campground
  8. Cypress Lake Recreation Area
  9. Deer Hollow Tent Campground
  10. Rainbow Campground
  11. Lodge Pole Campground
  12. Terrace Campground
  13. War Lodge Campground
  14. Pine Hill Campground
  15. Meadows Campground
  16. Shady Place Campground
  17. Willow Bend Campground & Cabins
  18. Gull Lake Campsite
  19. Eagle Valley Park Campground and Cottage Rental
  20. Ranger Creek Campgrouund

Eastend, SK

Eastend is an enjoyable small town one with restaurants opposite from each other along the main road. Both of them serve pretty good food and they are fun to sit in and take in the 1950s and '60s feel. The one that is open later for dinner and lunch has a mural that begins with the indigenous peoples pursuing bison and showing the growth of prairie and small town civilization through to the turn of the 21st century or so. It wraps around from the wall nearest the door across the kitchen entrance and down beside the booths. It is a fairly tall room so the mural is uninterrupted and is well above the diner's eye level, allowing for a panoramic appreciation of the sight. This town was established in 1914 and there are many old buildings that have been repurposed for present day businesses.

Camping in Saskatchewan

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