Leader, Saskatchewan Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Leader Mini-Storage & Campground
  2. Leader Lions Park Campground
  3. Sceptre Trailer Court
  4. Lemsford Ferry Regional Park
  5. Village Trailer Court
  6. Peter Fidler Park
  7. Eatonia Oasis Campground
  8. Sandy Point Park
  9. Eston Riverside Regional Park
  10. Acadia Valley Municipal Dam
  11. Acadia Valley Ball Park and Campground
  12. Eston Town Campground
  13. Golfview Mobile Acres 1994 Ltd
  14. Kindersley Regional Park
  15. McLaren Lake Regional Park
  16. Town of Cabri Campground
  17. Hazlet Regional Park
  18. Alberta RCMP Centennial Park
  19. Saokii Campground
  20. Cabri Regional Park

Leader, SK

The wildlife sculptures of Leader are a noteworthy feature of the town, because of the number, variety and quality of them. You may have difficulty picking a favourite; the cluster of big-eyed burrowing owls are very appealing, the kangaroo rats are an interesting surprise and the meadowlark, so prevalent in the prairie with its beautiful song, are all well-done. These sculptures, of which there are nine, all highlight species found in Saskatchewan prairies.

Leader has quite a small town feel and look. Its homes are small and tidy and there is a prominent grain elevator.

Leader has two small campgrounds for visitors, one of which is near a public swimming pool and a playground, both nice features for a small town campground. The other, which is not far away, is meant for self-contained units and is situated beside the railway.

Camping in Saskatchewan

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