Southend, Saskatchewan Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Norvil Olson Campground
  2. Courtney Lake Campground
  3. Slim's Cabins
  4. Devil Lake Campground
  5. Churchill River Campground
  6. Missinipe Campground
  7. Zed Lake Provincial Park
  8. MacKay Lake Campground
  9. Lynn Lake Campground
  10. Burge Lake Provincial Park
  11. Silence of the North
  12. Geikie River Campground
  13. F.A.T.S. Camp 2005 Ltd.
  14. Jan Lake Lodge
  15. Three Lakes Camp
  16. Great North Lodge 1999 Ltd
  17. Wadin Bay Campground
  18. Granite Lake Campground
  19. Wadin Bay Resort
  20. Leaf Rapids Campground

Southend, Saskatchewan

Also called Southend Reindeer because of its proximity to Reindeer Lake, the ninth-largest lake in Canada, this hamlet boasts superior sunsets and excellent fishing opportunities at nearby Nordic Lodge. Situated on the historic fur-trading routes, Southend once had trading posts for both the Northwest Company and the more familiar, Hudson’s Bay Company. Pictographs from the Woods Cree Indians in the south part of the lake and the Chipewayans to the north can be found in the rocks.

  • Nordic Lodge, fishing
  • rock paintings

Camping in Saskatchewan

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