Terlingua, Texas Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. BJ's RV Park
  2. Big Bend Resort and Adventures
  3. Study Butte RV Park
  4. Chisos Basin Campground - Big Bend NP
  5. Stillwell 4 Ranch RV Park & Store
  6. Rio Grande Village RV Park
  7. Rio Grande Village Campground
  8. La Vista RV Park
  9. Pecan Grove RV Park
  10. KC's Quickmart & RV Park
  11. Apache Pines RV Park
  12. Lost Alaskan RV Park
  13. BC Ranch RV Park
  14. Davis Mountains State Park
  15. Balmorhea State Park
  16. Hilltop RV Park
  17. A&M RV Park
  18. Comanche Land RV Park
  19. I-10 RV Park
  20. Fort Stockton RV Park

Terlingua, TX

Terlingua is one of three small centers in the vicinity of Big Bend National Park and consists of a small cluster of businesses, including three RV parks, one of which is in the midst of a little development including a gas station, store and cafe. Apart from this, there isn't much to Terlingua.

Travelling from Terlingua towards the park, there is a colorful market and eatery on the highway. A bit west of this settled area is Terlingua Ghost Town which is rather interesting to look at. Here too there are only a few businesses, although a larger number than at the more modern town. The ruins have, in many cases, been incorporated into residences. Thus, this ghost town is not abandoned but rather repurposed.

In some cases, the ruins were not sufficient to support rebuilding and remain standing in the dusty and cactus-covered outskirts. There is a small campground, called Las Ruinas. Whatever the case, it seems that Terlingua is rather extended along the road and rather thinly populated.

What draws people to the area is the wonderful Big Bend National Park which is a vast and unique place with rock formations in limestone, canyons, mountains, caverns, deserts, wildlife and vegetation. During the peak months, you would do well to make a reservation but during the off-season, the campgrounds do not fill up and you can take your chances with the hot weather.

Camping in Texas

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