Nephi, Utah Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. High Country RV Camp
  2. Ponderosa Campground
  3. Bear Canyon Campground
  4. Chicken Creek Campground
  5. Maple Canyon Campground
  6. Tinney Flat Campground
  7. Maple Bench Campground
  8. Payson Lakes Campground
  9. Yuba State Park - Eagle View Campground
  10. Yuba State Park - Oasis Campground
  11. Little Sahara - White Sands Campground
  12. Yuba State Park - Painted Rocks Campground
  13. Little Sahara - Oasis Campground
  14. Little Sahara - Jericho Campground
  15. Gooseberry Campground
  16. Little Sahara - Sand Mountain
  17. Flat Canyon Campground
  18. Lake Hill Campground
  19. Little Valley Campground
  20. Temple Hill Resort RV Park

Nephi, Utah

There is an RV park in Nephi and more primitive camping facilities are available in the mountains to the east.

The founders of Nephi were Joseph L. Haywood and Jesse W. Fox who quickly and industriously laid out the design for the town which they intended to call Salt Creek. The current name is that of a prophet and patriarch from the early history of the Mormon people and has been in force since the city's incorporation in 1889.

Agriculture was the first industry and its success was quickly followed by the mining of salt, thanks to the town's location at the mouth of Salt Creek Canyon. This industry died out around 1925 because of the increasing numbers of larger competitors located on the edges of the Great Salt Lake which is a major geographical feature of the state.

The Great Salt Lake is a leftover of the ancient Lake Bonneville. It has four feeder rivers and a number of streams but no outlet, resulting in a concentration of minerals, made even more potent through evaporation. The very salty water makes for excellent buoyancy for the swimmer. Popular lake activities include sailing, kayaking, swimming and sunbathing on the clean white sand. There is a unique brine shrimp which thrives in the lake but the flesh is not edible for humans and is used instead for other fish. The water level lf the lake varies greatly because of swings in the wet and dry spells.

  • Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum, displayed in restored country courthouse
  • Nephi Farmers' Market
  • Canyon Hills Golf Course
  • Yuba lake State Park
  • Nephi Horseshoe Bar Ranch

Camping in Utah

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