Moab, Utah Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Up The Creek Campground
  2. Canyonlands RV Park
  3. Portal RV Resort & Campground
  4. Sand Flats Recreation Area
  5. Slickrock Campground
  6. Sand Flats Recreation Area - Campground Cluster B
  7. Kane Springs Campground
  8. Sand Flats Recreation Area - Campground Cluster C
  9. Sand Flats Recreation Area - Campground Cluster D
  10. Moab Valley RV Resort
  11. Jay Cee Park Picnic Area and Campground
  12. Ron's Pack Creek Campground
  13. Moab Rim Campark
  14. Goose Island Campground
  15. Riverside Oasis Campground
  16. Sand Flats Recreation Area - Campground Cluster E
  17. Granstaff Campground
  18. Sand Flats Recreation Area - Campground Cluster F
  19. Dowd Flats RV Park
  20. Sand Flats Recreation Area - Campground Cluster G

Moab, Utah

Moab is a very tourist-friendly city, with a wealth of campgrounds both for RV units and for tent-camping, whether you prefer to be in town in the center of the action or on the outskirts in the midst of the glorious scenery. That could be a difficult decision!

The breathtaking splendour of Arches National Park is a major draw in this part of the beautiful state of Utah. The mountain air, the scenery and the hiking and biking trails are what bring people to this park in droves. In order to camp in the park, you will need a reservation and you may have to plan several years in advance, depending on your preferred dates. Fortunately, the campground is open year-round but there are only 50 sites, all unserviced, as well as two group areas. For this reason, it can be easier to camp nearer to Moab.

Arches NP is not the only park near Moab. Southwest of town is Canyonland National Park, where there are two campgrounds for which reservations are not required. If you want to camp in the backcountry, permits and reservations are necessary. Canyons and buttes carved by the Colorado River in a desert climate make this a fascinating area to hike and explore.

The justly famous red rocks of Utah are ubiquitous and can be enjoyed via a hot air balloon ride, a guided jeep tour, a horseback ride, a river raft, or a mountain bike, or on foot on one of the many hiking adventures. Or you can just drive around and gawk at the scenery. For some of these adventures, you have to be prepared and in shape! Relax and regain your strength at one of the many full service campgrounds in Moab.

In the mountains, the night comes early, and you can view the night sky courtesy of the array of telescopes at Redrock Astronomy. Stay warm on a cold desert night with the solar heated blankets, as you listen to an impassioned, funny and fascinating astronomy lesson, with emphasis on the other interstellar forms, besides the constellations.

A unique attraction, Hole 'n the Rock is a 14-room home built in a very large mountain. It was fashioned by its eccentric owners in 1945, first as a diner, and is reputed to be quite quirky. On display are the original furniture from that era plus the tools used to create the dwelling. Picture-taking while there is not permitted. An associated petting zoo shares the premises.

With exhibits on pioneer life and history, mining, archaeology, and geology, along with dinosaur fossils, the Dan O'Laurie Museum is a good choice for an indoor visit, being small, well-priced and well-organized. Another source of culture, the Overlook Gallery features landscape paintings and provides a chance to improve your art skills. The gallery is housed in a building with a rich history that includes time as a bar during the Prohibition years. You can still see the places where cattle raisers burned their brands into the wooden planks of the building.

The scope for enjoying the beauty of the city of Moab and its surrounding areas is improved by the presence of so many options among the campgrounds and RV parks there.

Camping in Utah

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