Kanab, Utah Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Hitch-n-Post RV Park
  2. Coleman's Exxon & RV Park
  3. Kanab RV Corral
  4. Crazy Horse Campground
  5. Ponderosa Grove Campground
  6. Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park
  7. East Zion Riverside RV Park
  8. Mt. Carmel Motel & RV Park
  9. Tortoise-and-the-Hare
  10. Bauer's Canyon Ranch Camp
  11. Bryce Zion Campground
  12. Zion RV & Campground
  13. Zion Ponderosa Resort Campground
  14. Yavapai Campground
  15. Kaibab Camper Village
  16. Jacob Lake Campground
  17. Zion National Park - South Campground
  18. Zion National Park - Watchman Campground
  19. Zion Canyon Campground/RV Park
  20. Duck Creek Campground

Kanab, Utah

This place is in the midst of what its town sign calls The Greatest Earth on Show, being at a crossroads with Powell Lake, Zion National Park, the Grand Canyon and Bryce National Park at all four points of the compass. There are four RV parks in town, one of them right in the midst of the tidy store fronts and the many restaurants which make this a good place to stop in as you explore the area.

Camping in Utah

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