Torrey, Utah Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Sand Creek RV Park/Campground
  2. Wonderland Resort RV Park
  3. Thousand Lakes RV Park
  4. Sunglow Campground
  5. Aquarius RV Park
  6. Capitol Reef National Park - Fruita Campground
  7. Singletree Campground
  8. Capitol Reef National Park - Cathedral Valley
  9. Country Cafe RV Park
  10. Pleasant Creek Campground
  11. Oak Creek Campground
  12. Elkhorn Campground
  13. Luna Mesa Oasis RV Park
  14. Sleepy Hollow Campground
  15. Doctor Creek Campground
  16. Fish Lake Resort
  17. Bowery Campground
  18. Mackinaw Campground
  19. Frying Pan Campground
  20. Blue Spruce Campground

Torrey, Utah

This is a picturesque little center, with at least two excellent eateries, Café Diablo and Capitol Reef Inn & Café, and quite a few others that could have been tested if time had permitted. At the latter, you will find a varied array of gifts and crafts on display for browsing while you wait for your tasty and thoughtfully presented food. On your way to the entrance, you stroll through a rock garden with a water feature. Built by the owner and his two sons, the complex includes rooms and the full service restaurant.

There are three RV campgrounds along Highway 24 which is the main thoroughfare. These are Wonderland RV Park, Sand Creek RV Park and the oddly-named (for a desert region) Thousand Lakes RV Park.

The buildings are generally in an adobe style and this provides a laidback feel that is pleasant in a touristy place. The Visitor Center dispenses maps, brochures and information.

Camping in Utah

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