Carmacks, Yukon Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Hotel Carmacks
  2. The Coal Mine Campground
  3. Tatchun Creek Campground
  4. Tatchun Lake Campground
  5. Nunatak Campground
  6. Frenchman Lake Campground
  7. Twin Lakes Campground
  8. Little Salmon Lake Campground
  9. Pelly River Crossing Campground
  10. Drury Creek Campground
  11. Fox Lake Campground
  12. Aishihik River Campground
  13. Lake Laberge Campground
  14. Ethel Lake Campground
  15. Otter Falls Cutoff RV Park
  16. Takhini Hot Springs
  17. Whispering Willows Restaurant & RV Park
  18. Johnson Lake Campground
  19. John Connolly Municipal Campground and RV Park
  20. Pine Lake Campground

Carmacks, Yukon

There are a couple of RV parks and campgrounds at Carmacks.

The Yukon village of Carmacks was named for one of the discoverers of Bonanza Creek, a name closely associated with the Klondike Gold Rush. Its advantageous location at the confluence of the Yukon and Nordenskiold Rivers has resulted in the slogan Hub of the Yukon. Travel to almost anywhere in the territory is easy from here.

Carmacks was originally a mining settlement and riverboat stop during the Gold Rush era. The modern village, although small, has a full set of services for the visitor, including car care, restaurants, grocery stores and a tourist centre.

  • scenic boardwalk following the Yukon River
  • trails for foot traffic, bikes and ATVs
  • rockhounding trails
  • clean air, mountain views
  • excellent views of aurora borealis
  • hub location makes it a good base for further exploration

Camping in Yukon

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