Mayo, Yukon Campgrounds and RV Parks

  1. Gordon Park Campground
  2. McIntyre Park/Campground
  3. Bedrock Motel & RV Park
  4. Five Mile Lake Campground
  5. Ethel Lake Campground
  6. Keno City Campground
  7. Whispering Willows Restaurant & RV Park
  8. Moose Creek Campground
  9. Pelly River Crossing Campground
  10. Tatchun Lake Campground
  11. Klondike River Lodge
  12. Tatchun Creek Campground
  13. Tombstone Mountain Campground
  14. Nunatak Campground
  15. Little Salmon Lake Campground
  16. Klondike River Campground
  17. The Coal Mine Campground
  18. Frenchman Lake Campground
  19. Hotel Carmacks
  20. Drury Creek Campground

Mayo, Yukon

There is a full service RV park and a couple of campgrounds in Mayo.

This northern town still bears the evidence of its association with the glamour and intrigue of the Klondike Gold Rush of the 1800s. Located on the Stewart River, the town was first a riverboat dock and trading post set up by Alfred Henry Mayo, a riverboat captain and prospector, from whose name the town's name is derived. Two successive silver strikes in the 20th century safeguarded Mayo's later fortunes.

The residential and commercial buildings that were built during the gold rush are still standing and have undergone a series of transformations, giving each a history of its own. A walking tour permits visitors to view these historical treasures.

Mining continues in the area around the town with the Aurora Mines Inc. using modern proprietary methods to sample and gather gold. The Mayo Historical Society book, Gold and Galena, is a good read for those interested in the history of the time and place.

  • Keno Summit Trail, summer and winter use
  • Prince of Wales Trail
  • many old homes and other historical buildings which can be viewed on a walking tour of Mayo

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